Making Genetics employs EpiTYPER® DNA methylation analysis technology (formerly Sequenom®). This method allows you to interrogate dozens of CpG sites in amplicons of up to 600 bp and detect down to 5%on differences in methylation.

EpiTYPER® starts with bisulfite treatment of genomic DNA, followed by PCR amplification of target regions using primers with T7 promoter label. The in vitro RNA transcription is performed, followed by a base-specific RNA cleavage. Finally, the cleavage products are analyzed using MALDI-TOF (MassARRAY Analyzer). Methylated and non-methylated cytosine residues in the original genomic DNA are distinguished using EpiTYPER® software.

EpiTYPER® software minimizes manual design and assay optimization, without having to design CpG specific primers. In addition, a streamlined workflow reduces the experimental time and unwanted variability, allowing it to move from bisulfite-treated DNA to data in less than 8 hours..


• Validate epigenomic-wide association studies (EGWAS) across a larger number of samples to determine the predictive value of biomarkers for routine clinical diagnostic use.

• Research differential methylation patterns in development

• Study aberrant methylation changes in tumor initiation and cancer progression

• Study heritable characteristics influenced by the environment of previous generations.

Published articles employing this technology can be consulted HERE.

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