pipelineMaking Genetics is a technology-based company oriented toward researching and development of new tools for genetic and epigenetic diagnosis. Another goal is to meet new technological challenges related to personalized medicine.

Epigenetic refers to functionally relevant changes (epigenetic markers) that occur in the chromosomes without changing DNA sequence and contributing to the phenotipic plasticity. The most widely studied epigenetic mechanism is DNA methylation that is essential in lineage-specifying cells, in transcription regulation and in maintaining genome stability. DNA methylation is a dynamic process and occurs throughout life in response to the environment, modulating individual susceptibility to various diseases or phenotypes.

The aim of Making Genetics is to be a pioneer in the development and commercialization of epigenetic biomarkers panels. An epigenetic panel is a susceptibility test based on methylation analysis of several genes involved in the development, evolution and prognosis of certain pathologies. Epigenetic panels may differ from standard genetic analysis (where mutations or SNPs are measured) since the results are variable over time and are thus useful in multifactorial diseases. Furthermore, the use of epigenetic biomarkers complement genetic panels information, increasing the sensitivity, specificity and  reproducibility of these diagnostic panels.

Our R&D portfolio focuses on developing new genetic and epigenetic panels aimed to the diagnosis and prognosis of human diseases:

  • CURRENT PROJECTS: Making Genetics is working on the development of new bioinformatic databases for biomarkers identification in autoimmune and inflammatory fields, stroke disease and nutrigenetics associated to the elderly 
  • SEARCH FOR FUNDING: Making Genetics is interested in the development of new panels of biomarkers for metabolic syndrome, celiac disease and co-marketing of genetic panels with wearable devices.
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