Influence of DNA methylation in the incidence of celiac disease in pediatric patients.

This project is aimed to solve a current need for healthcare professionals in assessing celiac disease development of pediatric asymptomatic patients but with the genotype risk (HLA-DQ2/HLA_DQ8). It is estimated that 1% of subjects with this genotype will have symptoms and will develep the disease, however the underlying mechanisms are far from known.

New genetic and epigenetic panels combined for metabolic syndrome prediction.

The prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes has increased dramatically since 1960 in parallel with obesity. In 1985, there were, aproximately, 30million people diagnosed with the disease, althoug its prevalence has grown more than nine fold in recent years. Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic disease tipically associated with a decrease in life expectancy of ten years. The long-term complications of hyperglycemia may include heart disease, stroke, diabetic retinopathy, renal failure or poor circualtiion in the limbs. 

Making Genetics partners have broad experience in this field, which has led them to initiate contacts for developing panels of biomarkers associated with metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Development and marketing a wearable device that determines healthy sun exposure making recommendations genetically personalizad.

In this project, we propuse the development of a device that calculates personalized recommendations based on your genetic pattern. For this purpose, measurement of ultraviolet light by sensors and a mobile application will be used.

The main clinical utility of this device would be the reduction of the negative effects produced by the intense or chronic solar exposure (skinn burns, eye damage or aging, skin lesions or cancer). On the positive side, the device would recommend the minimum sunlight needed for vitamin D synthesis, improving the osteoporotic state, promoting blood circulation, the immune system or even decreasing depressed mood associated with the lack of sunlight exposure among others.

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